Self-Levelling flooring compound

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SELF LEVELLING FLOORING COMPOUND is a cement-based, protein-free, sub-floor smoothing underlayment, giving a consistently level screed from a feather-edge up to 6mm thick. When mixed with water it gives the ideal smooth finish properties needed for application over masonry-based floor surfaces such as tamped or worn concrete and sand/cement floor screeds. On non-porous floors such as mastic asphalt, plywood and painted or sealed surfaces, the SELF LEVELLING FLOORING powder should be mixed with FLOOR SCREED LATEX to give improved adhesion to the substrate with enhanced abrasion and point-load resistance.
Conforms to : EN13813:2002 – C30:F7

  • Evens out uneven tamped concrete
  • Fast setting – sets in 3 hours
  • Highly flowable underlayment
  • Suitable for up to 6mm depth screed
  • Can be enhanced with FLOOR SCREED LATEX

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